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Contemporary Japanese Cuisine

Born in Japan, Kenji Ito cumulates over 25 years of culinary experience. His love for food naturally developed when working in Ginza, Tokyo’s most famous food district.


After years of mastering his cooking skills and knowledge of the Japanese cuisine,
he had an opportunity to move to Adelaide in December 1999.
For seven years, Kenji Ito decided to further challenge himself as a chef
in different cuisines, including western style cuisines and winery.

In March 2006, Chef Kenji Ito opened his own restaurant, Kenji Modern Japanese,
in Adelaide. For eleven years, his Japanese fusion menu gained much love
from its regular customers and the restaurant won multiple awards.

Kenji Ito moved to Melbourne in 2017 and opened his second restaurant
Wa Kenbo, in Fitzroy, in 2018.

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